Sailing in Greece

Thinking About a Sailing Trip in Greece?

A sailing holiday can be a dream way to experience the Greek islands, or a stressful, friendship-ending nightmare. Here's what you should know before setting sail. Time to Sail “Most people who come to rent boats ask to go to Mykonos and Santorini. However that is a trip that is not recommended as it requires 8 hours of [...]
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first time yachting

First Time Sailing

We felt the thrill of first time sailing and we're glad to be able to make you feel it. Our Professional Yachtmasters will take you and you friends to great islands in top sailing destinations and it'll be the holiday of a lifetime. All our routes are carefully chosen for safe sailing.   What? Where? [...]
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Mediterranean Yachts

Your Mideterranean Yachts Adventure

For sailors who want the pleasure of a holiday afloat without the challenges of the open sea, the Mediterranean has long been a very popular choice. With calm waters, fine weather virtually all summer long and a wide choice of islands and ports to visit, the conditions are really little short of perfect. So, here's [...]
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Lifestyle Yacht Holidays

Lifestyle Yacht Holidays | Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Get ready for 2019 holiday season and book now the most beautiful and fascinating experience the ultimate yacht rental in Mediterranean Sea. The Yachtpon is providing you with the direct access to the most beautiful and luxurious yachts you can find in the area. We cover all major destination within France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus [...]
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Mediterrnean Boat Charter

Kick off Summer With The Ultimate Yachting Extravaganza!

  Yachtpon Week. What? Never heard of it? Think of Spring Break but for grownups, and at sea. Yachtpon Week has become increasingly popular amongst sail enthusiasts, yacht lovers, influencers, party people and not only. It is a week-long party in the east Mediterranean and specifically in the Aegean Sea. This year Yachtpon Week will [...]
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